I think I want too much…


(Sheila was obsessed with Haley’s kiddie pool. She would spin in circles trying to bite all the splashes she was making.)

I want a FujiFilm Instax 200. Real bad. I wouldn’t have to fake my digital photos like they’re retro instant images. And I would take my time taking each photo again since the film is pretty damn expensive. And maybe I wouldn’t suck at photography anymore.

But to get the things I want, I need a job. Hopefully I get the job I want.


3 responses to “I think I want too much…

  1. nik you are talented, you shouldn’t say otherwise! this weekend was a blast, im so glad you came up! the pictures are amazing as well. come visit again. btw the mountain man rendezvous was awesome, we are going back tomorrow. evidently someone got stabbed last night though, it was an accident i heard, but how do you accidentally stab someone?

  2. i love this [fake] insta-pic. i love my 70’s filter. it makes things seem more genuine… if you know what i mean

  3. What’s your 70’s filter? I looked up how to digitally cross process photos to make them look like this.

    And I do know what you mean.

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