I think I’ll post this again…

I had this on a previous blog, R.I.P., but thought I’d share this again in case there are any new readers:

A group of people had an impacting idea. To set up their cameras in a location and ask a simple question to 50 people. They had such a great response they asked it again, but in a new location. A new question and 2 locations later, they have had over 1100 responses. Their cinematography gives you chills as well as do the answers. In the last question they asked, “Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?” Rather than just waiting to hear the answers of those asked in the video, my mind wandered. I would wake up June 25 2006, not in Switzerland where I actually was, but in my bed at my parents house. I would jump in my car and drive to Layton and pound on the door of his home. I would pound on it until he answered the door and tell him he’s an idiot. His family loves him and he’s an idiot for not knowing this. Everything will get better eventually and he’s an idiot for not knowing this. I would keep calling him an idiot until he got in my car and I could watch him. Maybe my cousin would still be alive today.

That’s where I’d want to wake up.

Here is the first video from fiftypeopleonequestion.com, which in my opinion is the best of them all from their question, to their answers, and to the cinematography.


One response to “I think I’ll post this again…

  1. Nic, you are so great. I hope that your uncle will realize that his family cares for him. Let’s play soon.

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