I think about pressing letters…

I finished my first assignment for my Letterpress class I am taking at the University of Utah’s Book Arts Program. The first assignment was merely just to get us to set up type, ink and run an edition for the first time. That is the main objective. But to give us structure we were given an image, a cover from The New Yorker:


This image was to spark the creative writing assignment to come up with 50 words or less. This was the hardest part for me. I had no idea what to say about this image. Except for that her hat is totally from the 1990’s. And so is her haircut. Then the more I looked at her I stared into her eyes. I saw she was really intrigued by this lively dandelion, but what’s so great about it? Why is she plain and it so colorful? And that’s when I saw her smirk. I felt that this dandelion suddenly inspired her to do what she’s been wanting to do – something that seemed so difficult beforehand. This little weed made perfect sense, why didn’t she see it before? I then realized I was relating to “her thoughts,” to myself and how I actually felt during a previous breakup. Anyways, I came up with my text:


And as simple as this text looks, it took freaking forever! Basically 6 hours just to set up my type (mainly because it was my first time and I had to find each letter and symbol through numerous drawers and I reworked it several times to figure out my layout). I loved every minute, even the next 6 hours it took to print – which excuses the 2 little mistakes that I’m probably the only one who can see them because I’ve been staring at it for so long. 

Letterpress and I are still getting along great. We are going to start hanging out more. Maybe even take things to the next level…


5 responses to “I think about pressing letters…

  1. Please do take it to the next level. I would love to see your relationship grow!

  2. Thanks Lance! I’ll keep everyone up to date on how Letterpress and I are doing and what work we make together!

  3. I have a metaphor… for your face.
    j/k. I like i really do.

  4. What would the metaphor for my face be? A beautiful sunflower? Hey now, it’s yellow so I beat you zinging me.

  5. *drum/cymbal comedic sound ensues*

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