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I think it’s a date…

Both my brother and my father told me about a movie I might be interested in. It sounded so familiar when they each explained it to me- a married couple who collected art throughout their life. Little did they know they were housing some of the most famous pieces of art over the years. It sounded like Herb & Dorothy. I learned about them in my Art History Seminar class this last semester. In this class I met and befriended Alexa Hall. Alexa taught me how to live, or rather how not to live. She told me about Fred Perry, Ray Bans, and how I look like Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. She drinks bubble gum frappe if you buy it for her, she feeds you when you cry (and makes you drink lemonade with vinegar…for funny) and she accompanies you when you cut over 15 inches of hair. Then she tells you how her mom dated all of her friends’ dads before I find out her mom did actually date my dad (why they broke up is sealed in both of their lips).

Alexa also taught me how to ditch class. How to ditch class, during class. How to ditch class on a day we learn about Herb & Dorothy.  How to ditch class, immediately after learning about Herb & Dorothy. How to ditch class and talk about how cute the couple is and how that class shouldn’t be 3 hours long. Well, now we can watch their cuteness for a full 2 hours at the Tower Theater in SLC. I won’t go with anyone else but her. You hear me Alexa??


I think before I eat…

It’s noon and I’m hungry. I’m not very familiar with the Bountiful area but I noticed a Chipotle on my way to work today. I went to their website to see what kind of vegetarian options there are and sort of got stuck on their section on treatment of animals. At Chipotle all their meat products are naturally raised and treated humanely. Still, I’m a little bothered by this sentence:

We believe pigs that are cared for in this way enjoy happier, healthier lives and produce the best pork we’ve ever tasted.

We believe pigs that are cared for in this way enjoy happier, healthier lives and produce the best pork we’ve ever tasted.


While I’m on the topic, I’ll leave you with this trailer. It’s playing at the Broadway in SLC right now and I really, really want to see it. I don’t cry at movies, but I’m sure I will be at this one.

I think it’s the story of my life…

Why are all the people I love so dearly, so far away?


Allison is in Boulder, CO


Emily A/B. is in Atlanta,GA


Emily W. is in Brooklyn, NY


Steve is in Australia (exact location unknown – he is touring with Mojo JuJu!)

1_MG_7170 copy


And the family. Oh the family. They’re at least an hour away in every direction.


Woe is me.

I think it’s fate…

Exactly one year ago I walked into PetSmart, contemplating on getting a cat because I knew they were easy to take care of. My roommate Di had an adorable kitten and she was all for getting another cat in the household. As Di is holding a cat, I slip over to the dog section just, to look. My eyes lock onto a small puppy with the most adorable stubby tail. Her name, Dakota. She’s part Australian Shepherd and part mystery. I walk her around the store and learn she was abandoned in North Logan at only the age of 4 months. She sits and looks right up at me and I fell in love. Despite the fact that my landlord doesn’t even want animals in the house, despite the fact my parents never let me get a dog when I was younger (because of all the responsibilities and…the poop), despite that I was a full-time college student working on 2 majors in my final year, I adopted her. I take her home and instantly am trying to rename her. My then boyfriend pointed out that we didn’t want to be reminded of Dakota Fanning every time we called her name. I wanted to play with the fact she’s Australian Shepherd and how I feel an attachment to the Land of Oz. It was so simple, she’s a Sheila.

First day at home...

Even after losing some plants, some eye glasses, some clothes, part of the kitchen floor, a couch, the back seat of my car all to her stomach, she’s perfect for me. 

I’ve created a Sheila photo album of pictures throughout the year most of you might have not seen, on facebook.

And I am just now realizing I never shared this adorable video of her wanting to go outside so badly and play with the neighbor dog!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I think we’re alone now…

I hate public speaking. HATE IT. I even hate public signing. Yes, you can stutter in sign language. Basically anything in public that involves attention on me is the worst. One of my graphic design professors at Utah State highly recommended taking a public speaking class while in school. Speech 1020 was a class of 200. No, thank you. I will just avoid any possibility of having to speak in front of a crowd. No presenting my work, no representing myself or a company, nope, no way, nada. Or, thanks to graphic designer/freelance writer David Barringer and his mom, I may be able to get through the horror that is public speaking, with their helpful tips.

I mostly just like the icons that go with each tip.

I think we CAN make an impact…

This is the exact text I received from Mackay today:

You should look up the trailer for “No Impact Man.” It makes me think you’re a little less crazy.

At first I got really excited when I read this because No Impact Man was at the Sundance Film Festival this last January and it was on the top of my list of movies I had to see. But with going to school full-time and volunteering at the Ogden theatre, I couldn’t make it work and I was bummed. I didn’t think I’d get the opportunity to see it because movies like these usually don’t go further than festivals…at least not far enough to get to me. So I’m stoked!

My next thought, Mackay thinks I’m crazy??

I think the magic is gone…

I went on a garage sale expedition with my old roommate Di and her boyfriend Matt. It was really good to see them! I don’t know why we haven’t been hanging out more since we all ended up in Ogden after our Logan days. Maybe because Matt has been in jail (see her blog for details). Although not funny, it’s very funny to me because last summer we all went swimming at the Logan Aquatic Center and I thought Di and Matt were right behind me on my scooter. I was home for maybe 45 minutes when Di showed up alone, yelling, “Matt got arrested! And he didn’t even have his shirt on!” At least he had a shirt on for this summer’s arrest.

Di bargained an old lady from $10 to $5 on the Harry Potter – Half Blood Prince book. She was quite happy her Harry Potter set is complete. But later I found the same book and told Matt to ask how much – “$2, or make me an offer.” Di was not happy with that. But they found a brand new hookah, with a case and all for $75. It was a pretty sweet deal for what it was. I spent less than $5 on a dress, 2 picture frames, a mirror, and 8 glasses. All of these things were investments to be cleaned up, painted, turned into candles, etc. and put on my etsy shop that I have long deserted. I took photos of the dress and it kills me, but I might keep it.

Dress: Garage Sale
Belt: Thrifted

(Look back at I think I’m growing up… for a picture of the new used high waisted mustard skirt)

Garage sales can typically have nostalgic moments when you see items that you had as a kid or know of a relative who has a similar collection. For me, it went deeper. A neighborhood of elderly people took advantage of their coul-de-sac to put on one large sale. One of these houses was my grandma’s old house. The house I went to every Wednesday while in elementary school to play uno and eat banana nut bread. The house that had a gold metal lamp you could simply touch to turn on and off . The house where the Christmas tree was aluminum and the toilet seat pink. The house that had a flag for every season, in the yard. But this house had no flag. This house wasn’t my grandma’s anymore. I miss that house. I miss my grandma.