I think we can help each other…

Er, uh…just help me?

The deer head was the first woodcut in my animal head series and it seemed  a mount was meant to help make it look like a wall mounting/trophy. The following heads (buffalo and moose) didn’t seem right to have mounts with them. Thanks to photoshop I can play with the different options. So, should I take the mount out of the deer?




You tell me.


9 responses to “I think we can help each other…

  1. When I see the two deer side-by-side I like it with the mount. It feels like it’s missing something without it. Then I see it in the series and I kind of like it without. If we keep score that’s one “with” and one “without.” Not much help right?

    In the end I say keep it. It feels right to me for it to have a mount.

  2. I think I 2nd Matts opinion. In context w/ the other 2, it looks good w/o (although I’d never been bothered with it before) but alone it feels stronger with it. Here is why I think. The deer is a bit of an inverted triangle, and thus the mount helps balance that out and give it some weight at the base, without it feels a little like its balancing? Yano what I mean? I think it probably wouldn’t get on my nerves if you lost it, but I think I understand why they mount really strengthens it individually. Is this one for all or every creature for himself? I say, if you do end up cutting it, try to give it an interesting bottom edge like the other two.

    • Since I had planned the deer to be on the mount, the neck wasn’t constructed to be the support. So that makes sense. I want each animal to be strong on it’s own as well as together.

      Did you know Marilyn Krannich’s husband is this huge safari hunter? I was at her house and the baby’s room has 6 or 7 gazelle heads in it. Creepy. I’m going to ask her if I can take a few images to add another region to my animal head series. The gazelles had no mounts.

  3. I made the other ones without because they are larger and don’t typically have mounts with them. Future woodcuts in this series may or may not have mounts on them, depending.

    Current results:
    2.5 votes to keep mount
    1 vote to get rid of it

  4. Shawn says you should make up your mind, personally, on this decision, as you are the artist and the art belongs soley to you. 🙂

  5. What’s left to say here? I think the smaller animal needs it and that is why they traditionally do them. I think they work how you did them.

  6. i vote with.

  7. Current results:
    4.5 votes to keep it
    1 vote to get rid of it

    Thanks for the feedback guys!

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