I think the magic is gone…

I went on a garage sale expedition with my old roommate Di and her boyfriend Matt. It was really good to see them! I don’t know why we haven’t been hanging out more since we all ended up in Ogden after our Logan days. Maybe because Matt has been in jail (see her blog for details). Although not funny, it’s very funny to me because last summer we all went swimming at the Logan Aquatic Center and I thought Di and Matt were right behind me on my scooter. I was home for maybe 45 minutes when Di showed up alone, yelling, “Matt got arrested! And he didn’t even have his shirt on!” At least he had a shirt on for this summer’s arrest.

Di bargained an old lady from $10 to $5 on the Harry Potter – Half Blood Prince book. She was quite happy her Harry Potter set is complete. But later I found the same book and told Matt to ask how much – “$2, or make me an offer.” Di was not happy with that. But they found a brand new hookah, with a case and all for $75. It was a pretty sweet deal for what it was. I spent less than $5 on a dress, 2 picture frames, a mirror, and 8 glasses. All of these things were investments to be cleaned up, painted, turned into candles, etc. and put on my etsy shop that I have long deserted. I took photos of the dress and it kills me, but I might keep it.

Dress: Garage Sale
Belt: Thrifted

(Look back at I think I’m growing up… for a picture of the new used high waisted mustard skirt)

Garage sales can typically have nostalgic moments when you see items that you had as a kid or know of a relative who has a similar collection. For me, it went deeper. A neighborhood of elderly people took advantage of their coul-de-sac to put on one large sale. One of these houses was my grandma’s old house. The house I went to every Wednesday while in elementary school to play uno and eat banana nut bread. The house that had a gold metal lamp you could simply touch to turn on and off . The house where the Christmas tree was aluminum and the toilet seat pink. The house that had a flag for every season, in the yard. But this house had no flag. This house wasn’t my grandma’s anymore. I miss that house. I miss my grandma.


One response to “I think the magic is gone…

  1. Keep the dress, looks good on ya! I miss grandma too. I remember trying to make lemon meringue pie with her after she had some dementia. She had the recipe memorized and not written down. We put in the same ingredients several times because she would get upset if I said I had already put it in. Let’s just say that the pie was a hot mess and unedible. Oh well, at least I got to spend the day with her, right?

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