I think it’s fate…

Exactly one year ago I walked into PetSmart, contemplating on getting a cat because I knew they were easy to take care of. My roommate Di had an adorable kitten and she was all for getting another cat in the household. As Di is holding a cat, I slip over to the dog section just, to look. My eyes lock onto a small puppy with the most adorable stubby tail. Her name, Dakota. She’s part Australian Shepherd and part mystery. I walk her around the store and learn she was abandoned in North Logan at only the age of 4 months. She sits and looks right up at me and I fell in love. Despite the fact that my landlord doesn’t even want animals in the house, despite the fact my parents never let me get a dog when I was younger (because of all the responsibilities and…the poop), despite that I was a full-time college student working on 2 majors in my final year, I adopted her. I take her home and instantly am trying to rename her. My then boyfriend pointed out that we didn’t want to be reminded of Dakota Fanning every time we called her name. I wanted to play with the fact she’s Australian Shepherd and how I feel an attachment to the Land of Oz. It was so simple, she’s a Sheila.

First day at home...

Even after losing some plants, some eye glasses, some clothes, part of the kitchen floor, a couch, the back seat of my car all to her stomach, she’s perfect for me. 

I’ve created a Sheila photo album of pictures throughout the year most of you might have not seen, on facebook.

And I am just now realizing I never shared this adorable video of her wanting to go outside so badly and play with the neighbor dog!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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