I think it cuts easily…

A question on everyone’s mind: Does Michael Cera act the same in the real life? 

Answer: Apparently.

I was at the Broadway the other day to see Away We Go and saw a poster for Paper Heart starring Charlyne Yi, a writer/musician/actress, and her quest to find love. It appears to be a documentary but it’s hard to tell. I researched it and even Wikipedia is throwing me off:

this film combines elements of documentary and traditional storytelling.[1]

This film was at the most recent Sundance Film Festival and my brother was really lucky to see it. He couldn’t tell if it’s a documentary or not either, but still recommends it. And with that, and finally being able to see the trailer, I want to see it. Coming to a theater near you, or a theater in a big city near you, August 7th. 


3 responses to “I think it cuts easily…

  1. http://www.moviejungle.com/newsDetails.aspx?ArticleID=2717

    Check it. Its part documentary (where she interviews real people) part film (where Mr.Cera enters the picture). interesting.

  2. UPDATE: Saw this yesterday. It was good but I felt disappointed for some reason. Maybe because I knew the whole thing wasn’t real.

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