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I think to learn…

I’ve been so busy moving, yes moving, that I haven’t been able to really talk about the amazingness that is Adobe CS4. Now most of you have probably dabbled in it, some maybe have even swam, but last Thursday was my first taste. And it tasted so so good. SLC AIGA had a workshop covering CS4 Flash and thanks to work, I got to go! Presenter Paul Trani is a well respected speaker for Adobe. He’s even certified. And he had many people saying, “oooooh” and “aahhhh” for a full 3 hours. He mostly had me shaking my head in disappointment. Disappointment I say because I suffered through a semester of what I now think is crappy Flash CS3. For instance, look at this bone tool!

I wish I could show Paul’s tutorial on the bone tool, but this still gives you an idea of how much simpler animating can be now. And not only does the bone tool make things easier, but they’ve made the motion tween headache free. The automatic keyframe makes me weak in the knees.

He covered a lot of basics, particularly how you can use InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop to design then import to Flash. I knew Photoshop had this capability, but I had a pain drawing in Illustrator and copying it into Flash. And the whole InDesign being exported as a swf blew me away. 7:30 is totally jaw dropping worthy.

Now if only I was an actionscript whiz. But no, I can only appreciate and admire from afar.


I think pink…

handmade stamps

Today was my first time leading the creative meeting at work. I wanted to share some printmaking techniques, but my co-worker Jim did screen printing a couple months ago and I wasn’t sure what other medium I could do without having an accessible press, chemicals, or risking slivers. So stamps. I like that I could teach them about relief and it was easy to carve and ink up to use quickly. I did the Fluid logo (middle) and the ampersand. I’m pretty impressed with the others since it was everyone’s first time carving anything. And no one stabbed themselves or their neighbor with tools, which was my biggest fear the whole time.

It felt so good to be carving. Almost too good.

I think of patterns…

How to get over a really bad break up:


               [X] Stop talking to him.
               [X] Relocate.
               [X] Buy new clothes.
               [X] Make one (somewhat) excusable mistake.
               [X] Keep busy.
  [X][X][X] Get out of town.
               [X] Repeatedly think how awful and embarrassing the month of April was.
               [X] Meet new people.
               [X] Know I deserve better.

What’s missing? 


It’s been 6 months. Most days I’m 90-95% recovered. But somedays I’m 60%. And everyday I think of how there are crazy people in the world and I’m a crazy person magnet. Yet, 60%?

I think it’s true…

New York, NY on our way to Fire Island

Fire Island

New York, NY

I have got to start using my Holga 120CFN more…this is from my last minute trip to New York where I didn’t bring any other camera. It’s my first time using 120 film – I stayed away from it because I didn’t know where to get it developed so I’ve had the camera adapted to 35mm since Christmas 2007. The first two pictures are of Emily and the last a stranger as we wait to cross the street on my way to the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. It seems I like taking pictures behind people’s backs. You can look at the rest here.

I think you better think twice…

Makes you want to glue paper to your face, doesn’t it? This is a campaign for the Torres Paper Swatch Book Company designed by Hector Sos. I like to think its what happens to you when you don’t recycle!! dun Dun DUN!