I think of patterns…

How to get over a really bad break up:


               [X] Stop talking to him.
               [X] Relocate.
               [X] Buy new clothes.
               [X] Make one (somewhat) excusable mistake.
               [X] Keep busy.
  [X][X][X] Get out of town.
               [X] Repeatedly think how awful and embarrassing the month of April was.
               [X] Meet new people.
               [X] Know I deserve better.

What’s missing? 


It’s been 6 months. Most days I’m 90-95% recovered. But somedays I’m 60%. And everyday I think of how there are crazy people in the world and I’m a crazy person magnet. Yet, 60%?


6 responses to “I think of patterns…

  1. Meh. Totally understandable.

    I think if I was in your spot, it would not be that high most of the time.

    And also, I still have my 60% days for past relationships even though I’m in a happy one right now.

    • Understandable but still annoying. There are days where I’m thinking of all the good times then I force myself to think of all the horrible horrible things until I get so mad that even happened. It seems the good is outweighing the bad, somehow.

      And it’s all lately. I wasn’t like this in the summer, after it all happened.

  2. Time. You can’t rush time…

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