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I think it’s called obsession…

Each year at the Sundance Film Festival I am devoured by at least one film’s brilliance. My first year I attended it was a tie between 2 documentaries: I Like Killing Flies and Born Into Brothels. The next year it was Rory O’Shea Was Here. The next Adam’s Apples. The next Eagle vs. Shark. Then last year American Teen (although I saw this on DVD). With some patience I can see these movies again usually anywhere after a year to 3 years (I Like Killing Flies took 4 years for a DVD release).

Since January I haven’t been able to think about anything else except for 500 Days of Summer. Fox Searchlight picked up the film instantly during the festival and is due to be in theaters July 17th! Everything from the story, cinematography, the graphics and animation, the music, the actors and their acting – it’s perfect. I felt strangely connected to this movie before I knew what events would take place in my life the following months. I highly recommend seeing it: