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I think it’s a date…

Both my brother and my father told me about a movie I might be interested in. It sounded so familiar when they each explained it to me- a married couple who collected art throughout their life. Little did they know they were housing some of the most famous pieces of art over the years. It sounded like Herb & Dorothy. I learned about them in my Art History Seminar class this last semester. In this class I met and befriended Alexa Hall. Alexa taught me how to live, or rather how not to live. She told me about Fred Perry, Ray Bans, and how I look like Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. She drinks bubble gum frappe if you buy it for her, she feeds you when you cry (and makes you drink lemonade with vinegar…for funny) and she accompanies you when you cut over 15 inches of hair. Then she tells you how her mom dated all of her friends’ dads before I find out her mom did actually date my dad (why they broke up is sealed in both of their lips).

Alexa also taught me how to ditch class. How to ditch class, during class. How to ditch class on a day we learn about Herb & Dorothy.  How to ditch class, immediately after learning about Herb & Dorothy. How to ditch class and talk about how cute the couple is and how that class shouldn’t be 3 hours long. Well, now we can watch their cuteness for a full 2 hours at the Tower Theater in SLC. I won’t go with anyone else but her. You hear me Alexa??


I think it’s the story of my life…

Why are all the people I love so dearly, so far away?


Allison is in Boulder, CO


Emily A/B. is in Atlanta,GA


Emily W. is in Brooklyn, NY


Steve is in Australia (exact location unknown – he is touring with Mojo JuJu!)

1_MG_7170 copy


And the family. Oh the family. They’re at least an hour away in every direction.


Woe is me.

I think it’s the skinniest kind of love…

Take I.

There should be 4 of us.

Take II.

As good as it's going to get