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I think to learn…

I’ve been so busy moving, yes moving, that I haven’t been able to really talk about the amazingness that is Adobe CS4. Now most of you have probably dabbled in it, some maybe have even swam, but last Thursday was my first taste. And it tasted so so good. SLC AIGA had a workshop covering CS4 Flash and thanks to work, I got to go! Presenter Paul Trani is a well respected speaker for Adobe. He’s even certified. And he had many people saying, “oooooh” and “aahhhh” for a full 3 hours. He mostly had me shaking my head in disappointment. Disappointment I say because I suffered through a semester of what I now think is crappy Flash CS3. For instance, look at this bone tool!

I wish I could show Paul’s tutorial on the bone tool, but this still gives you an idea of how much simpler animating can be now. And not only does the bone tool make things easier, but they’ve made the motion tween headache free. The automatic keyframe makes me weak in the knees.

He covered a lot of basics, particularly how you can use InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop to design then import to Flash. I knew Photoshop had this capability, but I had a pain drawing in Illustrator and copying it into Flash. And the whole InDesign being exported as a swf blew me away. 7:30 is totally jaw dropping worthy.

Now if only I was an actionscript whiz. But no, I can only appreciate and admire from afar.


I think you better think twice…

Makes you want to glue paper to your face, doesn’t it? This is a campaign for the Torres Paper Swatch Book Company designed by Hector Sos. I like to think its what happens to you when you don’t recycle!! dun Dun DUN!

I think T is for tired…

Letterpress and I have been keeping busy. This past week we’ve been spending almost every minute together working on the final project – Welcome to the fold. The main objective is to have the paper fold at least twice and a minimum of 4 runs (colors). My graphic design portfolio has a weak section in product packaging so I thought this would be a great opportunity to be able to print and build something original. I think I came up with this from the idea of tea bagging John McCain. It somehow warped into tea for Printmakers instead. In the order it is in the photos it goes: In Case of Intaglio (peppermint tea), Stress from Relief (chamomile tea), Mental Screen Block (chai tea), and Under Letterpressure (green tea). It’s a shame you can’t smell them.




When to use

I am exhausted. I made 120 of these little guys to total an edition of about 30 each for a class exchange of 22. There are two mediums I left out because I couldn’t think of a good title – Lithography and Monotype. So here’s the deal: If you can think of a title for one of the mediums I will give you this featured set of tea bags. This equals 2 giveaways! The winner will be chosen by me on the basis of cleverness. Whether or not I will actually make more tea bags for this series isn’t likely – but possible. Contest ends, oh lets say in 2 weeks so August 20th. Winner will be announced the next day.

Oh and I’m not assuming any of you want an actual set, but it makes it fun if you get something for participating, right?



Letterpress and I are taking things to the next level. That’s right folks, the Intermediate level starting August 26th.

I think we’re alone now…

I hate public speaking. HATE IT. I even hate public signing. Yes, you can stutter in sign language. Basically anything in public that involves attention on me is the worst. One of my graphic design professors at Utah State highly recommended taking a public speaking class while in school. Speech 1020 was a class of 200. No, thank you. I will just avoid any possibility of having to speak in front of a crowd. No presenting my work, no representing myself or a company, nope, no way, nada. Or, thanks to graphic designer/freelance writer David Barringer and his mom, I may be able to get through the horror that is public speaking, with their helpful tips.

I mostly just like the icons that go with each tip.