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I think my system just overloaded…


I think it’s true…

New York, NY on our way to Fire Island

Fire Island

New York, NY

I have got to start using my Holga 120CFN more…this is from my last minute trip to New York where I didn’t bring any other camera. It’s my first time using 120 film – I stayed away from it because I didn’t know where to get it developed so I’ve had the camera adapted to 35mm since Christmas 2007. The first two pictures are of Emily and the last a stranger as we wait to cross the street on my way to the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. It seems I like taking pictures behind people’s backs. You can look at the rest here.

I think campground weddings are the best…

Last Saturday my half sister Crystal married her boyfriend of 2 years. They had their wedding at Perception Park, a campground up towards Monte Cristo. They asked me to take photos for them and this one is my favorite:

Dustin & Crystal

I don’t really know Dustin all too well, and to be honest I don’t know my half sister all that well either (yet). But during the ceremony both of them shed tears while smiling so brightly. The fact that Dustin couldn’t hold back his tears means something to me – he’s in absolute love with her. I think that’s the sign of a happy marriage when a man can cry at the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with. I am so happy for them both! 

Congratulations you two! Thanks for having a wedding where I can put on a hoodie and eat a (veggie) burger.

I think I want too much…


(Sheila was obsessed with Haley’s kiddie pool. She would spin in circles trying to bite all the splashes she was making.)

I want a FujiFilm Instax 200. Real bad. I wouldn’t have to fake my digital photos like they’re retro instant images. And I would take my time taking each photo again since the film is pretty damn expensive. And maybe I wouldn’t suck at photography anymore.

But to get the things I want, I need a job. Hopefully I get the job I want.