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I think pink…

handmade stamps

Today was my first time leading the creative meeting at work. I wanted to share some printmaking techniques, but my co-worker Jim did screen printing a couple months ago and I wasn’t sure what other medium I could do without having an accessible press, chemicals, or risking slivers. So stamps. I like that I could teach them about relief and it was easy to carve and ink up to use quickly. I did the Fluid logo (middle) and the ampersand. I’m pretty impressed with the others since it was everyone’s first time carving anything. And no one stabbed themselves or their neighbor with tools, which was my biggest fear the whole time.

It felt so good to be carving. Almost too good.


I think if you’re a bird, I’m not…

Identity Issues #1

I haven’t uploaded a lot of my latest work (and by latest I mean my last semester of school). I tried to make a series about identity issues. This is my first edition of the series out of (so far) 2 – which is bad, real bad, like I don’t even want to talk about the second one. If you can’t tell, it’s a canary wearing a mask of a woodpecker. It’s an 8 x 8 woodcut with screen printing and some monotype screen printing.

Oh school. How I [somewhat] miss thee.

I think I died and went to heaven…

Yesterday was just a typical Monday. Woke up at 6:30am, got ready for work, patted the dog on the head, drove 25 minutes on the freeway, then sat at my desk doing various things until a meeting, then drove a to a strange land called Orem, to a guy’s garage that I hardly know, and screen printed posters for the upcoming Modest Mouse concert. Orem is far. But worth the drive to hang out with Travis Bone and help him print one of his many amazing concert posters.

Almost every week this summer at the Twilight Series, a free concert on Thursdays at the Gallivan Center, I bug Travis or one of his helpers with numerous questions – how did you start? What’s your process? Where did you go to school? etc. etc. etc. Last Thursday, one of my many questions of the day was – are you pretty busy?

“Yeah. So busy I have to bug people.”

“Oh? You could always bug me!”

And he did. And I probably bugged him with more questions as he printed and I racked – what was your degree in? Did you build this table? Where did you buy your ink? Do you like Quentin Tarantino films? Ever heard of a movie called Hump Day? How do you pronounce Bon Iver? Are your parents proud of you? etc. etc. etc.

Then at 11:45pm, I walked away with a little somethin somethin for my help:


Mind you, leaving at 11:45pm means getting home at 1am. But once again worth it. Travis is 27 and has been screen printing for about 5 years. Five years ago he was 22. I am 22. So let’s just say I’m pretty inspired and motivated by Mr. Bone and can’t wait to help him again!

I think it’s not here nor there…

House key

Letterpress collagraph experiment . My key wasn’t entirely type high so I drew in the rest. More demo days please…

I think T is for tired…

Letterpress and I have been keeping busy. This past week we’ve been spending almost every minute together working on the final project – Welcome to the fold. The main objective is to have the paper fold at least twice and a minimum of 4 runs (colors). My graphic design portfolio has a weak section in product packaging so I thought this would be a great opportunity to be able to print and build something original. I think I came up with this from the idea of tea bagging John McCain. It somehow warped into tea for Printmakers instead. In the order it is in the photos it goes: In Case of Intaglio (peppermint tea), Stress from Relief (chamomile tea), Mental Screen Block (chai tea), and Under Letterpressure (green tea). It’s a shame you can’t smell them.




When to use

I am exhausted. I made 120 of these little guys to total an edition of about 30 each for a class exchange of 22. There are two mediums I left out because I couldn’t think of a good title – Lithography and Monotype. So here’s the deal: If you can think of a title for one of the mediums I will give you this featured set of tea bags. This equals 2 giveaways! The winner will be chosen by me on the basis of cleverness. Whether or not I will actually make more tea bags for this series isn’t likely – but possible. Contest ends, oh lets say in 2 weeks so August 20th. Winner will be announced the next day.

Oh and I’m not assuming any of you want an actual set, but it makes it fun if you get something for participating, right?



Letterpress and I are taking things to the next level. That’s right folks, the Intermediate level starting August 26th.

I think we can help each other…

Er, uh…just help me?

The deer head was the first woodcut in my animal head series and it seemed  a mount was meant to help make it look like a wall mounting/trophy. The following heads (buffalo and moose) didn’t seem right to have mounts with them. Thanks to photoshop I can play with the different options. So, should I take the mount out of the deer?




You tell me.

I think about pressing letters…

I finished my first assignment for my Letterpress class I am taking at the University of Utah’s Book Arts Program. The first assignment was merely just to get us to set up type, ink and run an edition for the first time. That is the main objective. But to give us structure we were given an image, a cover from The New Yorker:


This image was to spark the creative writing assignment to come up with 50 words or less. This was the hardest part for me. I had no idea what to say about this image. Except for that her hat is totally from the 1990’s. And so is her haircut. Then the more I looked at her I stared into her eyes. I saw she was really intrigued by this lively dandelion, but what’s so great about it? Why is she plain and it so colorful? And that’s when I saw her smirk. I felt that this dandelion suddenly inspired her to do what she’s been wanting to do – something that seemed so difficult beforehand. This little weed made perfect sense, why didn’t she see it before? I then realized I was relating to “her thoughts,” to myself and how I actually felt during a previous breakup. Anyways, I came up with my text:


And as simple as this text looks, it took freaking forever! Basically 6 hours just to set up my type (mainly because it was my first time and I had to find each letter and symbol through numerous drawers and I reworked it several times to figure out my layout). I loved every minute, even the next 6 hours it took to print – which excuses the 2 little mistakes that I’m probably the only one who can see them because I’ve been staring at it for so long. 

Letterpress and I are still getting along great. We are going to start hanging out more. Maybe even take things to the next level…